How Advertisers Use Sleek Arena Advert Network to Grow their Business

Ways To Monetize Your Website

There are numerous tools put together that work in synergy to propel conversion for every campaign setup on Sleek Arena Advert platform.

Among such tools are;

Click fraud monitoring that filter clicks that does not lead audience to your targeted page.

– You only pay for valid clicks that send prospective customers to your site.

– The cost per click is as low as 0.02 dollars. The lowest in the industry! We ensure you get more for less.

– You can start a campaign with minimum amount, even with $1 dollar. No other advert platform offers this provision.

– Your advert has wider reach through thousands of our publishers’ audience.

– You can target specific audience with keyword and location tools. You determine where you want your banner to show and to which set of people.

Won’t you rather start your campaign now!

How to create a campaign

-Get an account by following a simple registration process here.

advert registration

Login to your account dashboard upon activation of your account.

– Click the ‘Switch Profile‘ button and select ‘Advertiser Account.’ Still on the header menu, go to ‘Adverts‘ and click on ‘New Campaign.’


This is important because you have to give your advert or banner a specific name before you can add new advert or manage existing ones.

On the ‘New campaign‘ page, you’ll need to enter a title for the campaign. This name shall be used to track your advert performance.


-Set a daily budget and enter a description for your campaign in the appropriate boxes.

You can ‘Start‘ or ‘Pause‘ campaign by choosing the appropriate option on campaign status drop-down box.

– Click ‘Submit‘ button.

Now, click on ‘New Advert‘ on the header menu under ‘Adverts.’

– Choose the type of advert you want to run – text or banner.

– Select the name of campaign you created. You can create as many campaign as you want and then select the name from drop-down list.

– Select the country you want to target.

For text advert;

– You’ll input the title, summary and description into the fields provided.

– Then, you can enter a display URL that would show on the advert.

– The last thing you need to enter is the URL you want to direct people to when they click the banner.

– Check the preview pan for error and how your Ad looks.

Make sure you don’t exceed the available text provision. Ensure you make it short, but detail enough to make your targeted audience take the desired action.

-Click the ‘Submit‘ button. You can also edit your adverts anytime you wish.

For banner Ads;

– You would have to select your banner size from the drop-down listed sizes.

– Then, use ‘Browse‘ button to upload the exact banner size. (Supported file formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG).

Please note that your advert may not show if the banner uploaded does not correspond with the actual banner size selected. A difference of 1px or 0.5px can affect your advert display.

– Set your target URL. Click ‘Submit‘ and you’re done.

-Don’t forget to set your target keywords.

banner advert

Set your keywords on this page by clicking on ‘Manage Keywords‘ just beside ‘Update‘ button. This button will not show until you have submitted your advert.


Should you intend to manage or edit your adverts, just go to ‘Manage Ads‘ under ‘Ads‘ on the header menu.


You can pause, start, view and manage campaign on the page. We make sure we put you in total control.

To fund your account;

– Go to ‘Deposit management‘ and click ‘Add Money.’

– Enter the amount you wish to add and click ‘Submit.’

– You would be redirected to PayPal, our secure payment merchant.

– After the completion of payment process, your account would be credited appropriately.

You can view your transaction history under ‘Deposit Management‘.

We can also assist you with all these process at no extra cost. Do not hesitate to contact us for help or feedback.