How Sleek Arena Advert Works for Publishers


You can start making money from your website straightaway using Sleek Arena Advert network because apart from the fact that it’s simple to implement, we do not set traffic limit for new entry and our payment threshold is just $20.

You don’t also have to wait till month end before you get paid.

You’re at liberty to request your money anytime.

Just enter the payment details we can use to pay you via PayPal.


Your advert performance report on your account dashboard reveals your earnings, clicks on banner and impression in real-time.publishers-stats

How to become a publisher

The first thing you need to do is follow the registration procedure.

Upon activation of your account which is immediate, you can login to your account and start creating and displaying advert on your site by pasting a line of code where you want adverts to show.

You’ll get paid on every valid click on adverts display on your site.

How to display Sleek Arena Advert network on your website

Login to your account and switch over to publishers account.switch-accountGo to “Add New Channel” under “Ads“. Enter a name for your advert channel. Give it a description and enter the URL of the site where you intend to display the ads and click on “Submit“.sleek-publisher-1

Go to “New Ads” under “Ads” on the header menu.

Choose from the list of channels you’ve created.

Enter a title for your advert for tracking.

Select the size of banner you want to display and the type of advert either text or banner.

You can then design your ad if you intend to display text advert by setting the colors for title, link, text, background and border.p1

Click “Submit” and get the code.advert-code

Copy the code and insert it into the exact place you want the banner to show on your website.

NOTE: Our advert sizes are not responsive. So, ensure you choose mobile advert format should your website is responsive. You can place as many advert per page.

Mobile Advert Sizes


Desktop Advert Sizes


Desktop Advert Sizes